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Co-Curricular Forums

The College has initiated a number of forums and clubs to provide a platform for all round development of students. These forums facilitate students to express and exhibit talents. Some of them are Readers Club, Utkarsh, Zenith, MediaTheque, Yuva-The Students' Forum, Celestial, Investor Forum, Entrepreneurial Cell.

"UTKARSH" The College Cultural Forum annually organises various Cultural Activities under the name of 'UTKARSH' which is aimed at the overall development of the student as well as providing them an opportunity to develop a sense of healthy competition. For the past few years Utkarsh is being celebrated as an Intercollegiate Festival attracting a large number of students from all over Mumbai.

"ZENITH" is an annual inter collegiate BMS festival covering management competition games, to give and application exposure of management theory to the students. The fest is a most popular event among BMS community of University of Mumbai.

"MEDIATHEQUE" is an annual inter collegiate BMM meet, giving exposure to students to interact with Bollywood personalities.

"ROARS" is an Intercollegiate IT Festival organized by the Computer Science and IT Department aiming at overall development of the students.


"EPISTLE" is an Intra college festival organised by the Accounting and Financeand Banking and Insurance students.


"NSS" The College possesses full-fledged NSS Unit, approved by the NSS wing of University of Mumbai. Students who are interested in social work are welcome to join the NSS Unit. The unit enrolls 150 students every year. They enthusiastically participate in several community welfare projects. The Unit organises blood donation, health check / awarness camps, regular visits to NGO institutions, helping police in controlling traffic during the Ganpati season. etc. The unit conducts a 10 days residential camp in a tribal area during winter vacations to inspire the students in socially productive activities. Students who complete requisite number of hours of social work are awarded certificates as well as 10 grace marks in examination.


"NCC" The cadets of NCC Unit of this college are also known for active services as part of the campus unit attached to 6 MAH B,N.No I Coy. A separate female wing also operates in the campus. NCC Cadets of the campus are sent to the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. Activities like blood donation camps, trekking etc., kindle the spirit of nationalism and co-operation in the minds of students. Students who complete the requisite number of hours of cadet activities are awarded certificates as well as grace marks in the examination.


"NATURE CLUB" The Nature Club of the college organises many environment friendly activities for the students and staff. Outdoor excursions during the monsoon season arranged by the club are enthusiastically attended by the staff and students of the college . This goes a long way in encouraging the appreciation and experiencing the true beauty of nature. Lectures of environmentalists are arranged by club to create environmental awareness.

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